Kevin dropped 20 lbs!  

Looking and feeling

strong and healthy!

Before and After Photos

Shane has ​​​increased energy,  huge improvements in the gym, muscle growth and a whole lotta fat gone!

Darlene has huge improvement in Ulcerative colitis,  tummy troubles greatly reduced, looks 10 years younger, and down 20lbs after just 6 weeks!​

This is me! I ​​​lost 20 lbs,  no more Rheumatoid Arthritis , glowing skin, sleeping great.

Kim started Feb. 20th and by May 20th  lost 18 lbs & over 20 inches,  and looks like this!

* "I couldn't have done this without you!! Thank you for all your help, when I wanted a pop you'd let me know how hard I've worked to get this far so I really didn't need it!! All your quotes and pics!" --Kim Shepherd,, E.A.

​* "Thank you for everything you've done for me and I really appreciate it!"  --Prince Smallz, SAIT student

* " I love the recipes "  --Whitney MacLeod, busy mom of 2 little ones

* " Thank you so much for taking us on this journey.  I feel like it has enriched our lives and helped us to not only be healthier and more aware of our minds and bodies but also it's helped us to be better life partners and parents" --Tamara & Chad Skrove

* "It's the only thing that's worked for me!" --Bonny Paddock, painter

* "I would definitely recommend especially a working man who needs energy! And I would for sure do it again although I hope to not have to!" --Shane Grove, water haule

* "It was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.  I still continue to use the meal plans and I am still losing weight!"

--Miranda These 

*"I love that the challenge taught me to prepare for the week and any known obstacles like travel. Also having someone cheer for me is so great to keep me motivated to keep on going and to get my daily exercise in.  --Helga Rosin, busy mom 

* "Who would have thought that changing our lifestyle would go so quickly and actually be fun! :)  --Robyn N

Meet Mikayla, just 6 weeks for this beauty to get shredded and those ab muscles  popping!

* Individual results may vary.

Check out C.Y.  

6 weeks on the Elite Athlete Plan and he is shredded and ready for his sport!

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