"How To Stick With Your Get Healthy Resolution" Online Course along with an

Elite Athlete Package

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6 Session Package $299

This package takes you there,

as well as gives you the support and tools you need to lasting permanent health.

Includes over 600 recipes, 32 workouts, meal plans and shopping lists along with weekly personal one on one private coaching.

16 weeks to help you achieve the body you desire.  This one includes  over 300 recipes,  16 workouts,  meal plans and shopping lists with your personal weekly coaching.

Great if you would like to  be healthier, have glowing skin,

sleep better and feel lighter. 

Includes 8 weeks of workouts, meal plans, recipes , shopping lists  and personal weekly coaching.

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32 session package   $1655

(Save $230)

16 session package    $875

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8 session package   $535

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Initial Consultation:  (1 hour)      $125.00

Each Consultation Following:   (30 minutes)      $55.00    

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All the tools you need to  achieve the body you desire.

Weight Loss Meal Plans

How To Stick With Your Get Healthy Resolution

Online Course

Seven practical proven steps to help you stick with your goals and achieve what you desire!  Includes 3 free bonus products

Super Simple Bundle $346

(Save $50)

If you are an athlete wanting to take your body to the next level, to boost your performance, or wanting to see even more results from your workouts this is the plan for you!   This gives you 60 simplified meal plans, recipes, shopping list, and more to get you the results you want.  

"How To Stick With Your Get Healthy Resolution" Online Course along with a Super Simple Package

A simplified healthy eating  plan.   All meals are quick and easy to prepare.   Workouts are simple and can all be done at home.

This plan includes 72 recipes, 6 at home workouts, shopping lists & personal one on one coaching.

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6 Session Package  $299

Elite Athlete Bundle $346

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Classic Bundle 

$582 - $1652

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Elite Athlete Plan Packages